For you fish-fry is a must. For us, a smell-free kitchen is.

Bosch hood comes with the largest baffle filters to have efficient suction. The motors have been engineered to generate more power, thus sucking up smoke and odour with utmost ease, without making much noise. Their unique design also lets you open and clean them in no time. Indeed our engineers have put in a lot of effort, to make your life effortless.

Fits your kitchen, and your needs.

Bosch hoods come in two types - Wall mounted and Built-under. Wall mounted hoods can be fitted between the cabinets or fixed on an open wall, whereas built-under hoods are hidden under the cabinets with only front panel being visible.

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Efficient & odour-free Bosch Hoods

Bosch hoods are here to give some more power at lesser noise levels to the chefs, giving them the perfect assistance while they cook.

Perfected for India

Bosch hoods have been engineered with Indian cooking habits in mind. They are equipped with largest baffle filters for better suction of smoke and odour generated while cooking Indian food, without making much noise.

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Mode of circulation

Bosch hoods are available in recirculation and ducting mode. A re-circulation hood is ideal for large kitchens whereas smaller kitchens should opt for a duct-based hood.

Flawless German Design

Bosch hoods come in a wide range of designs such as pyramid, slim pyramid, box, slim box and straight, all available in 60-90 cms in stainless steel as well as in elegant glass.

Real Suction power

Bosch hoods are fine tuned to generate 800m3/h and 1000m3/h of power at low noise levels. Even at its highest power level, low noise performance ensures comfortable cooking. Designed to suit long cooking sessions and heavy frying, our hoods offer different motor powers suited for Indian kitchens of all sizes.

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