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100% dry clothes under an hour

Get germ-free and cupboard-dry clothes under 60 minutes with a Bosch Dryer.

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Who cleans the condenser at your house? The dryer, of course.

Among the most efficient in the world, our tumble dryers stay that way. The patented SelfCleaning Condenser cleverly uses condensation water to automatically clean itself up to four times per drying cycle. That ensures maximum efficiency for the entire working life of the machine – so you'll never need to bother about the condenser again.

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Crafted with all the time in the world. To dry clothes as quick as possible.

You don’t have to wait for the rain to stop before drying your favourite jeans. The drying power is in your hands. At the press of a button all your washed clothes will prepare for a dust-free, quick and warm spin. Our one-of-a-kind dryer is crafted to protect the colours of your clothes and save your time without compromising on the drying result. Its built-in DuoTronic technology detect the moisture level and its controlled heat ensures that your clothes stay soft and wrinkle-free for long. In short, they dry quickly and impress longer.

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With our condenser tumble dryers, all you need is a plug.

Our condenser tumble dryers are economical, and extremely simple to use. The moisture extracted is automatically collected in a container. All you need to do is plug your Bosch Dryer in a socket.

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For faster drying: A vented tumble dryer.

With vented dryers, your washing dries particularly fast. These smart, resource-saving dryers simply draw in air from the room, heat it and blow it through the clothes as the drum tumbles them. The damp air is exhausted to the outside through an air extractor hose. As a result, the drying process is particularly economical.

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DuoTronic Technology

This dryer is clever. It detects the moisture and regulates the heat accordingly. When your clothes are perfectly dry, it senses it and stops the drying process. It also selects the optimum temperature and drying cycle so as not to damage any of your fabrics.

SensitiveDrying System

Our dryers have an airflow system that, combined with the unique drum and paddle action, creates an exceptionally efficient and caring dring environment. The large drum with unique textured surface ensure greater care of even the most delicate fabrics, improving the airflow and keeping the laundry raised from the surface of the drum.

Anti-Crease Cycle

This programme is meant to reduce your ironing worries. Its gentle drum action automatically separates and smoothens your garments for up to 60/90 minutes, giving your clothes a wrinkle-free and ready-to-go look.

Drying programme for every fabric.

Bosch Dryers feature a list of special programmes designed to make life easier. They take care of your clothes, save time and energy and give you options to suit your need and lifestyle.

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