Water Filter

Mat No.00633114

The inlet filter is responsible for the uninterrupted and smooth functioning of your appliance and hence helps in extending the lifetime of your appliance.

- Prevents dirt from entering your machine

- Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of your laundry

- Prevents choking of the inlet pipe

- Extends the lifetime of your appliances


Mat No.00311506

Over time, limescale can progressively build up and can cause harm to your washing machine.

- Removes this limescale and can extend the lifetime of your appliances

- Gives great results in removing odour

- Recommended for use once or twice a year, depending on the water hardness and usage frequency

- One box is one dose

- Made in Germany


- Empty the contents of the entire box into the dishwasher without loading the baskets and utensils

- Run the "60°C" programme

- Run the programme one more time for thorough cleaning and removal of lime scale and odour

Fortune Detergent

Mat No.00579405

- Formulated with the power of enzymes to remove the toughest stains

- Developed for Indian style of cooking

Fortune Active Salt

Mat No.00579408

- Regenerates your dishwasher's water softening unit

- Always use specialist, granular dishwasher salt, never table salt

- When salt levels are too low, a white film can form on the interior & on glassware

Fortune Rinse Aid

Mat No.00579406

- Helps maintain excellent drying results

- Without rinse aid, water does not disperse properly from dish surfaces, leaving them streaky or wet & water droplets may be visible on glassware

Fortune 5-in-1 Tablet

Mat No.00579407

- All in one solution in a powerful tablet (detergent, rinse aid, glass protection & power clean)

- Easy to use and a convenient solution

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