Washing and drying

Stacking Kit for Tumble Dryer

Mat No.00684998

- Allows you to stack a tumble dryer on top of a washing machine to save space

- Washing machine must be same width as the dryer

Stacking klt for washing machine & tumble dryer

Mat No.00244024

- Stacking kit with pull-out shelf for washing machines and tumble dryers

- Allows you to stack tumble dryer on top of washing machine

- For 60cm wide appliances

Water Filter

Mat No.00633114

The inlet filter is responsible for the uninterrupted and smooth functioning of your appliance and hence helps in extending the lifetime of your appliance.

- Prevents dirt from entering your machine

- Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of your laundry

- Prevents choking of the inlet pipe

- Extends the lifetime of your appliances

Dust Cover (Grey / Blue)

Mat No.00579247 / 00579248

Designed especially for India to protect your appliance from dust and humidity

- Washable and allows ventilation

- Prevent possible stains and scatches

- Classic design to suit all kitchens


Mat No.00311506

Over time, limescale can progressively build up and can cause harm to your washing machine.

- Removes this limescale and can extend the lifetime of your appliances

- Gives great results in removing odour

- Recommended for use every 3 to 6 months, depending on the water hardness and usage frequency

- One box is one dose

- Made in Germany


- Empty the contents of the entire box into the washing machine drum (without laundry).

- Run the "60°C coloured laundry" programme without pre-wash.

- Run the programme one more time for thorough cleaning and removal of lime scale and odour.

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