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Refrigerator is Good- 2 x cold accumulator missing

I would like to bring it to the notice of Bosch that 2 x cold accumulator as given in product description was missing in the box when the Bosch executive opened the box for installation on 12/12/2018. Please send me the missing 2 x cold accumulators to my registered address. Order number 407-1960167-8638750. I can provide a fair review of the product only after i receive the missing items.

Good product- Value for money

Installation and Demo was prompt to my satisfaction (1 day after the request, which was really amazing feeling) in contradictory to my past experience which took painful 9 days time. Silent operation and Less power consumption.But the build quality and performance is little below than other known Bosch products. Reason is unknown maybe due to 2.5 kg less weight and 1000 RPM. UNSURE


Pathetic service.... We preferred Bosch over IFB n Samsung... false commitments, No response and not even any ticket numbers for the complaints or calls made on the helpline numbers. New Machine found broken and even the service engineer has confirmed to replace the part, it's been more than a month, no update when we are going to have the replacement. The local team is also insensitive and irresponsible who doesn't even respond to SMSs n WhatsApp... Dear readers... Would advise not to go any Bosch product at all....IFB or Samsung may be bit costly but they respect their brand n value customers atleast.

Product is good but Bosch service is very BAD

Dishawasher is extremely GOOD. Bosch service support is very bad. I raised a service request on 29 Nov 18, SR no. 0476891593. I was told the technician will call and attend in 48 Hrs. Nobody called me, so I called once again. - 29 Nov 18: First call. I was told a technician will call in 48 Hrs - 2 Dec 18: Second Call, I was told the priority has been raised and you will get a call - 4 Dec 18: Third time, I was given a number and they asked me to talk to that person. That number was not reachable. - 6 Dec 18: Fourth Time. I was given another number. That persone told, he will get beck to me in sometime. But never got call back. - 8 Dec 18: Fifth time. Again, I was given another number which I could not reach to. I am still waiting for someone to turn-up. In the entire process, I never found Bosch taking responsibility.

Washing machine is good

Earlier i had posted that in just 3 days machine was showing error E3 every day 3-5 times for 4 days. I thought machine was not good and requested company to replace product. Service engineer came and adjusted the legs of the machine by levelling to drastically reduce shaking. Now no error. Machine wash is good. Compact 7 kg machine. Good machine.

Awesome Washing Machine

I bought this Washing machine a month ago and Its really awesome and gives the best quality washing Result

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