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Trusting the features more than similar products

It's one of the best in this kind and we are happy with its performance.

It's good Machine

I bought this washing machine to home . It was good but from last few 6 months its not running properly. So kindly do the needfull.

Good features & looks, Wi-Fi support missing!

The fridge as such is good. Fairly big for a small-medium sized Indian family. Looks great from the outside with good power rating. Specially liked the alarm and vacation mode presets that help you keep it going at an optimum. I hope it functions to its best, few years down the line too. Possible additions for the company to think of: 1) In-built Wi-Fi support for ease of operation. 2) Re-usable ice-packs for the freezer.

large size and good feature with a few minor issue

I purchased it in april 2019, the body is stainless stainless, its built solid and has a large table and light inside. Its got a oven heating element and rotisserie as well. It works really well in convention and oven and mixed mode. I've tried em all! Food retains moisture, especially meats. The bad: The handle feels flimsy, and I am worried its not going to last long. I also did not find the manual very useful in explaining all the different cooking modes. Overall its good value and made well.

Cool Product

Since 2 years I am using this refrigerator l am really proud my decision and unit. No match this unit. Fruits n veggies stay cool n fresh weeks. Thank you BOSCH

Amazing Product

Since 2 years I am using this washing machine l am really proud my decision and unit. It is simply superb. Thank you BOSCH

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