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Good Machine

I got it from Amazon supplier TVS-e, Chennai on 17th. But they are delaying to install the machine (scheduled on 31). Kindly do the needful to get it installed. I have given the 5 star rating since my brother's family also using it. But, please help to get it installed soon. Thanks for your assistance always. you can get my contact details in my profile and I already have raised the request for call assistance.

Best in Market

About the design, comfort and performance I'm just loving the machine. After we got the product, the installation cost us 400 bucks extra for the thread and water pipe which we felt was touchy. For drum cleaning powder (Quick Descale) it cost us 620 extra. SO totally we paid 1000 and odd Rupees after purchasing the product which we didn't expect would come to picture after purchasing the product. The installation representative was not 100% co-operative with his way of approach to the customer and was not very happy to demonstrate the product as if he sounded acting weird

Good washing and water saving

Using since last year work great and no issues

Splendid Features

I bought this few days ago, fridge is working fine but technician is saying to install stabilizer. If we have again install a stabilizer after purchasing this equipment by spedning 90k, then its no worth to purchase this.

Excellent BOSH Washing Machine

I bought this on 17th May 2018 and very much satisfied with the BOSH front load 7 kg washing machine. A lovely machine which is quiet, smooth and powerful.Quick wash modes are awesome. Excellent product.

Awesome Product

I am using since 2 months, it is simply awesome and nice product. Feeling that we got a new asset to our home after getting this product. Thanks to BOSCH team.

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