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The German Engineering

This is actually a masterpiece. Works well washes well and fits in the budget quite reasonably. Bought it from Amazon and the Bosch customer support is also very nice. Must go in for this!

Good machine

The manual says “ Drainage into a siphon - the drain pipe has to be connected to secured using a hose clamp with a diameter of 24-40 mm ( available with Specialist dealers).” I have checked with the Service engineers who came for the demo, but they are not aware of this requirement and said that this is nor required. Please advise

Great Machine...Unbelievable cleanliness. Surprize

We bought the machine on 3rd August @ 5.00 p.m and delivered @ 9.00 p.m. on same day as we are staying 25 Km from the shop. For delivery we are surprised within 4 hours received the machine. After that company person came on 5th August 2019 and gave wonderful demonstration. Only one concern observed during installation that we cannot connect the filter to the tap as thread type tap is required instead of our regular and new tap also not available with the person. After that i bought the tap and assembled the same. On next day we used the machine and we cannot say in the words that the performance of machine was very amazing. My suggestion to Bosch team to give details of required tap suitable to connect water filter & inlet water pipe at the time of purchase to avoid wastage of time during installation and customer can use immediately.

Useful features

Have just started using this machine. However, the machine feels good and made to last.

Great Product

I have compared this refrigerator model with other similar capacity models of different brands but the big difference is that the space given to user is the biggest then others. The ratio of Storage Volume to Gross Volume (sometimes it can be misleading) is not only the criteria but the actual space that we can use is the criteria and this I found best this this Bosch Model. Bosch is also advertising the same which is true by experience. The Bosch quality is no doubt but it is early to comment on durability as the product is 20 day old. I recommend this product.

Actually I have a question before buying this prod

Does this product has in-built heater?

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