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Nice product

Till now the performance is pretty good... Sound less wash.

Excellent Machine

It has been 3 years, so far no issue..and water consumption very low

Great Build Quality. Needs to be indianised a bit

Great Build Quality. Areas of improve ment are 1. The vegetable basket design is broad from front as a result one can't pull it out without opening the door fully wide. Baskets width should be uniform. 2. There is no daughter tray that comes over the vegetable basket in all other leading brands. As a result one has to struggle to find small items such as lemons, ginger, green chillies amongst the other vegetables. This tray must be there. 3. aThe depth of top and middle shelf on the door is very less even the spice packets tends to fall out. 3b. The door shelf are having too much width. This leads to eating away of space in fridge section and trays are therefore not that deep. The door shelf can be decreased in depth to make refrigerator shelf more deeper. 4. The control panel should be mounted on front door for ease without opening the door. 5. Lockable wheels. The fridge tends to move on tiled surface while door opening. 6. A small led light in freezer would've been better.

Demo required

Hi, I bought 32l microwave oven recently which was delivered on 5th October. After registering several requests for demo, I don't see anyone taking up my query

No Recipe for Cakes

Please provide us with detailed book on various recepies including cake.



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