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Good one and worth it

Apart from the Bosch online service, the product is excellent and guaranteed of no hassle.

Excellent product.

Pleasant experience.

Smooth installation - good features

So far so good. The installation did not happen on time and I had to call again after 2 days and Bosch scheduled an installation for that day itself. The installation technician was very nice and did the work professionally. Made me speak to the call center to give an update. Am impressed and delighted enough with Bosch to go for their chimney, refrigerator and dishwasher.

A - Class Product

Just recieved it from the Hmm, Good looks. User friendly. Changes the look and feel of the kitchen. Hope the electrics inside will work in heavy duty mode for at least an hour with out any hustle. After all its BOSCH, right? Being an power electronics and power systems engineer, I trust your engineering, I trust the brand. Hope this product won't sink my heart down. I will be definitely back after a month. N.B : Before unleashing the beast to its full power delivery, we need to ensure our electrical connections are capable of carrying at least 35Amps@230V(India) continuously with out any heating and burning of wires.

Nice quality

Good performance.

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