Built-in ovens

What will get more compliments? Your Paneer Tikka, or the oven it was made in.

Our engineers have used all the right ingredients for a perfect oven that caters to all your needs. From continental to Italian, desserts to even Indian cuisine, its large capacity is ideal for baking or grilling for the entire family. So set the timer, and prepare to cook to your heart's content.

We have created the perfect menu for you.

With our new intuitive control ring you can set your Series 8 appliances easily and comfortably with just one fingertip. Furthermore, the user-friendly TFT display guides you intuitively through all the menu items. This gives you full control over your dishes at all times and everything succeeds with ease.

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The magic of Bosch Ovens

Cook, bake or grill away. Watch how the elegance and convenience provided by Bosch ovens make the chefs cook what they want with absolute ease.

The Bosch amongst ovens.

With the new Series 8 ovens, even the most demanding dishes are cooked to perfection almost automatically. The reason for this is our range of sensor-controlled functions. If you wish, they will constantly measure the progress of your dishes and automatically adjust the oven's settings. This guarantees you perfect results, just like from a professional chef – with a minimum of effort.

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For all your baking needs

If you like to bake, roast and grill often, you should opt for a convection oven, These ovens have a fan at the back that forces air circulation throughout the oven, cooking food more evenly. An oven comes with a variety of heating options that lets you defrost, slow cook and even make pizzas.

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