Side by Side

Time shall stop as your fruits & veggies will refuse to get spoilt in our refrigerators

The new range of Side-by-Side Refrigerators from Bosch with VitaFresh Plus* technology that keeps your fruits & veggies twice as fresh.

Crafted for Elegance

Elegant, functional and packed with technology, our new Bosch Side-by-Side refrigerators are going to become a talking point in your kitchen. Our refrigerators are equipped with beautiful glass door and digital display which seamlessly fits into any modern home. These are no longer just a place to store your food, but an integral part of a modern design kitchen.

To all Side-by-Side refrigerators

Keeps an apple fresh for almost 100 days*. Discover VitaFresh Plus* drawer 2x as nice.

Bosch refrigerators come equipped with the VitaFresh Plus* system which is a product of unique German Innovation. It balances the humidity in the vegetables and fruits compartment ensuring that the food stays fresh for really long! Humidity control at an elevated humidity level avoids desiccation and wilting while a rippled base minimizes the contact surface with vegetables and fruits, thus reducing damage.

VitaFresh Plus* efficiently maintains the original flavour, texture and appearance of fruits and vegetables and you are assured of fresh tasting food every day.

Thanks to this finely tuned system, moisture, vitamins and flavour are preserved for 2x as long.

Know more about VitaFresh Plus*

Why are temperature and humidity important to storage?

A perfect balance of temperature control and functional humidity control helps food retain superior freshness. It slows down or even stops product decay. Humidity control avoids desiccation and wilting. Thus the fruit and vegetables stay crisp and healthy. Vitamin loss is significantly reduced and the storage time is prolonged. So you can enjoy maximum freshness and forget about food wastage.

Enjoy the luxury of space.

Get spacious interiors like never before with our geometry and insulation solution. We give you more space on the inside with 630 l and 650 l capacity class. And when you need an even larger space, all the drawers and shelves can be easily removed from the freezer compartment, quickly putting the entire freezer space at your disposal. There are 4 safety glass shelves of which 3 are height adjustable.

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