#MeTime contest T&C

Terms and conditions

1. BSH Household Appliances Manufacturing Private Limited is a Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, with Corporate Identity Number U29253MH2011218407, having its registered office at 2nd Floor, Arena House, Main Building, Plot No. 103, Road No. 12, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400 093 (“Company/ BSH”).

2. The offer is BookMyShow free movie ticket worth Rs.3000 only (“Offer”)

3. This Offer is valid from November 24th ,2018 till November 28th ,2018 and extends to whole of India

4. Any person above 18 years of age and a resident of India can avail this Offer by participating in this contest.

5. This Offer cannot be combined with any other special offers in case the Company launches during the same time.

6. The Company shall not be responsible in case of any conflicts/ disputes arising between the participants and BookMyShow for booking/ cancellation/ refund etc. of whatsoever nature and the terms and conditions of BookMyShow shall be applicable.

7. For further terms and conditions related to BookMyshow please refer the website bosch-home.in.

8. Any disputes with respect to the Offer shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai, India.

9. If you do not wish to be contacted by BSHG or its representative for advertising or marketing purposes, you can, at any point of time shall write to us at service.in@bosch-home.com, to withdraw your consent.

10. 2. The Contest is organized by BSH Home Appliances Group hereinafter referred to as the Company or BSHG. The Contest is valid only in India.

11. Contestants eligible to participate in the Contest in accordance to the eligibility criteria specified under procedure point no. 3 of these Terms and Conditions and participating in the Contest are hereinafter referred to as the “Participants”.

12. To be eligible to take part in the Contest, the Participants need to confirm to the following eligibility criteria: a) an Individual; b) an Indian citizen; c) residing in India; d) aged 18 years and above; e) legally eligible to enter into a contract; f) must have a valid Facebook ID.

13. Information as available on the official Contest page is the only authentic and valid information about the Contest. BSHG shall not be responsible for any incorrect/misleading information relating to the Contest, presented/ displayed on any other source other than the Contest page of BSHG & will not be liable for any loss suffered by any Participant based on the representation, terms, conditions, information presented / displayed on any other source other than the Contest page.

14. 8. The selection of winner(s) through automated process will be final and binding on all the Participant/s. No correspondence, clarification, explanation in this regard will be entertained by BSHG. Any person or participant carrying out any correspondence or clarification or posting any negative comments about the selection of the winners shall liable to BSHG and shall be immediately disqualified by all future contests of BSHG.

15. BSHG has endeavored to make all reasonably practicable arrangements to minimize communication system difficulties but can make no guarantee therefore and shall not be liable for any failures in the same.

16. BSHG shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever in case the participant is unable to participate due to failure on part of the telecom operator, Internet provider, facility provider or his inability to access the contest links as provided on etc.

17. This Contest is open for the participation of individuals only. Corporate, Agencies, and any non human legal entities are not entitled to participate in this Contest. The participation in this contest is not open to employees of BSH Home Appliances Group, and any Agencies or partners of the Company or their near relatives, business partners or employees of the business partners.

18. There is no entry fee or participation fee payable by the Participant/s for participating in this Contest. BSHG will not accept any form of payment from any of the Participant/s interested in participating in the Contest. Participation in the Contest will not in itself make the Participant eligible for the Prize.

19. The lucky winner of the Contest will be entitled to win the mentioned prize based on the automated selection process only.

20. Under the circumstances of unavailability of prize, a prize of a similar value shall be distributed to the winners for which he/she has been selected.

21. Any Participant taking part in the Contest and declared the winner of the Contest by BSHG and is unable to fulfill any one or more eligibility requirements, as specified in above mentioned clauses of these Terms and Conditions, on the date of closure of Contest, shall be disqualified from receiving any Contest Prize under this Contest. Inability of the Participant to fulfill the eligibility requirement, shall be construed as violating the terms and conditions of the Contest by such Participant. Any status update, comments, made/submitted by such disqualified Participant during the Contest Period shall be invalid. Any communication, clarification, query, dispute in this regard by the winner or any of the legal heirs/guardians of the winner in any manner will not be entertained by BSHG.

22. The Prize/s shall be subject to the laws of India, including all the tax laws. All applicable regulatory and statutory duties, cess, surcharges, taxes (including TDS), insurances, transfer fees, registration fees etc. that may be applicable to avail/use the Prize/s will be borne by winner.

23. The response to this Contest must be original and confirm to decency guidelines. Any response deemed to contain content that depicts violence, immoral, unethical, illegal, anti-social, racial, political, anti-religious, and sexual or any other inflammatory, defamatory or objectionable material will be disqualified and removed from the concerned URL. BSHG reserves the right to initiate legal action against such Participants. Interpretation of what is, and is not, appropriate material is at the sole discretion of BSHG.

24. The Participants should not deface or disparage any brand of BSHG in any manner in the process of creating and posting the contest update.

25. Participant/s winning the Prize/s should contact the Customer care directly in case of any complaints relating to the defect in the Prize.

26. BSHG will not be liable for any loss, claim, damage, expenses whether expressed, implied, real, consequential incurred by the Participant due to participation in the Contest.

27. The winners will be intimated within 7 days of the conclusion of Contest, by way of email on the email id of the winner on the applicable platform/s. In the event of no response/acknowledgement from the concerned winner to the email communication within 4 days, then his prize will be forfeited.

28. The winner should claim the prize by sharing the required details and by complying with the requirements under clause 26 hereunder. In case the prize is unclaimed by the winner within the stipulated period, then it shall be deemed that the winner has automatically surrendered his/ her right to the prize and shall not make any claim thereafter.

29. The prizes are non-endorsable, not transferable and non-substitutable. The prizes are offered on 'NO EXCHANGE NO REFUND' basis. BSHG will not entertain any requests for exchange in lieu of the prize/s.

30. Apart from the entitlement to the above prize/s, the winners and/or their legal heirs will have no other rights or claims against.

31. Each winner should provide the following documents to BSHG for identification of the winner:

a) Name b) Complete postal address with pin code c) Proof of identity d) screen shot of the id/s from which he/she had participated in the Contest. By providing the Personal Data it is assumed that the Winner is explicitly gives his / her consent to use their Personal Data for the purpose of this Contest.

32. The Personal Data collected for the purpose of this Contest will be used only for the purpose of this Contest. The Personal Data is being collected by a third party agency who works on behalf of BSH.

33. BSHG reserves the right to modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions or participation mechanics of the Contest at any point of time at its sole discretion without serving any prior intimation to the Participants. Intimation of any change, modification, addition, deletion in the terms and condition of the Contest will be communicated to the participants by posting the revised terms and condition of the Contest on BSHG social platforms.

34. BSHG is not responsible for Participant not being able understand the Contest mechanics or for his misinterpretation of the same. No correspondence, clarification, explanation in this regard will be entertained by BSHG portal or social platforms.

35. Any disputes with respect to the Contest shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai, India.

36. Winner shall assign the right to use the contest data, in any media for brand, products, business or any other objective by BSHG, as deemed appropriate by them.

37. The Participant shall indemnify BSHG against any claims from any party and consequent losses, damages, compensation, whatsoever, that may arise from any use, including but not limited to, publication of data submitted by the Participant as a part of, or in association with the Contest.

38. BSHG shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations caused by weather conditions, fire, flood, strike, hurricane, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, terrorist attack, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, inevitable accidents, acts of God or any other circumstances amounting to Force Majeure.

39. BSHG shall not be responsible for any loss or damage if it has to discontinue or cancel this Contest in compliance with any law, ruling, order, regulation, requirement or instruction of any Central/State Government or for any other unavoidable reason beyond its control. The Participant/s shall be informed of such discontinuance/cancellation as soon as possible.

40. The aggregate liability of BSHG in case of any damage, loss, cost, claim, liability or expense (including legal costs and expenses) caused to or incurred by any act, omission or representation in respect of the Prize of this Contest to any winner, shall not exceed the value of Prize. Further, BSHG will not be liable to share the invoice of the prize with the winner at anytime whatsoever.

Process to be followed for activation:

1. The participant will receive direct message on Facebook or Instagram with a 5 digit Tempcode

2. Participants have to activate the 5 digit Tempcode before 28th November 2018

3. Send the SMS: “BOSCH CODE (received Tempcode)" to 9239895050.

4. * BOSCH is the offer name.

5. * CODE is the 5 digit Tempcode received by the participant.

6. The Bosch promo code user will receive the 10 digit Voucher eCode from BookMyShow.

7. The 10 digit code will be usable for booking tickets for 6 months. (1 Couple ticket per Month starting from the date of its generation)

8. Log on to in.bookmyshow.com or on BookMyShow Mobile Application.

9. Select Location, Event, Venue, Show Date & Time and Seats of your preference as the logic flows.

10. On the payment page, go to "Unlock Offers or Apply Promocodes" & enter the voucher e-code in the text box & click on "Apply" button to avail the offer.

Note: At the end of the successful transaction, Booking ID gets generated which needs to be exchanged at the Cinema/Venue Box Office for actual tickets.

Email/SMS confirmation will be sent on the Email Address/Mobile Number provided while completing the transaction.

For any assistance, reach out to BookMyShow’s Customer Support on +91(022)-61445050 or write to us on helpdesk@bookmyshow.com.

General Terms

1. Vouchers are locked to a single mob/email id.

2. No re-distribution/re-selling of vouchers

3. No agency or individual to be appointed for redemptions.

4. Customer needs to redeem it themselves on BMS's website/mobile app

5. Assistance if any, can be provided by our contact centre on 022 61445050

6. If lost/misused, the voucher cannot be replaced. Void if resold, Cannot be exchanged for point(s) or cash & cannot be re-validated once past expiry date.

7. In addition to these BookMyShow Voucher Terms and Conditions, BookMyShow Vouchers and their use on our website are also subject to BookMyShow's general Terms of Use & BookMyShow’s decision will be final in case of any dispute.

8. This product is based on 100% advanced module.

9. Voucher valid PAN India across all Cinemas/Partners associated with BookMyShow.

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